Homegrown Story: Foundation Day at St. Patrick's Home

Story Contribution: Sr. Kevin Patricia, O.Carm.

Photo Courtesy: St. Patrick's Home

Carmelite Sisters, Staff and Residents at Saint Patrick's Home celebrate 93rd Foundation Day

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Homegrown Story: Ozanam Hall Celebrates Foundation Day

Story Contribution: Sr. Madeline Angeline, O.Carm.

Photo Courtesy: Sr. Madeline Angeline, O.Carm.

Carmelite Sisters at Ozanam Hall Celebrates the Congregation's Foundation Day

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First Profession of Vows 2022

Photo Courtesy: Sr. Christopher/Sr. Helena

Sr. Michelle Elizabeth professes First Vows on August 20, 2022 at Saint Teresa's Motherhouse

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Prayer Service for Sr. Michelle Elizabeth

Story Contribution: Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm.

Photo Courtesy: Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm.

Avila Sisters hosted a prayer service for Sr. Michelle Elizabeth as she prepares to leave the Novitiate

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Story from Home: Carmel Richmond: "Co-Workers Helping Co-Workers"

Story Contribution: Sr. Patricia Margaret Rawdon, O.Carm.

Photo Courtesy: Carmel Richmond

Carmel Richmond hosts a "Back-Pack" drive as part of Mission in Action.

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World Congress of Catholic Nurses

Story Contribution: Sr. Lois Ann Wetzel, O.Carm.

Photo Courtesy: Sr. Lois/Sr. Mary Anne

The World Congress of Catholic Nurses was held in Doylestown, PA.

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Solemnity of Saint Elijah

Story Contribution: Sister Helena of Mary, O.Carm.

A blog post written by a Carmelite Sister on Saint Elijah

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West Palm Beach Diocese News Story: Family Legacy Chapel

Story Contribution: Linda Reeves, Florida Catholic Media correspondent

Photo Courtesy: Florida Catholic-Palm Beach Diocese

News from Lourdes Noreen McKeen

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Story from Home: St. Teresa's Motherhouse: "Among Pots & Pans"

Sisters taking care of our "Carmelite Associate"- Brooklyn!

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Vocation Frontlines: Sisters Renew their Vows

Story Contribution: Sister Patricia Margaret, O.Carm.

Photo Courtesy: Sister Patricia Margaret, O.Carm.

Sisters renew their vows at Carmel Richmond

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