Vocation Discernment Retreats for 2024
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Embark on a journey of spiritual renewal with the Carmelite Sisters. The theme for this weekend retreat is "Mission and Service" Our Carmelite spirituality of prayer and action leads us to the care of our elderly residents in homelike environment. Do you have the same passion for mission and service?

Come and join us for this special time of prayer, community and ministry!

April 12-14, 2024

Want to know more about us?

“There is only one way of learning to pray and that is to pray often”
- Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa -

Our Mission

We are consecrated religious in the Catholic Church and members of a Congregation founded by Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa. We dedicate our lives, service and care of those who are aged and infirm in the spirit and tradition of the Carmelite Order


Our Spiritual Life

The spirituality of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm is informed and animated by the spirituality of the Carmelite Order whose foundation stands on three main pillars: The Rule of Saint Albert, Saint Elijah, the Leader and Father of Carmelites and Mary, Mother, Queen, Sister and Most Pure Virgin.


become a sister

Have you heard His call to become a Sister? Was His voice loud and booming or a still small voice like the one the prophet Elijah heard many years ago?