“... but it wasn’t until Elijah heard “a still small voice” that he encountered the Lord.”
I Kings 19:11-12

become a sister

Have you heard His call to become a Sister? Was His voice loud and booming or a still small voice like the one the prophet Elijah heard many years ago? Hearing the call is a very personal experience for every Sister. For some, the call to follow can be crystal clear. For others, the road of discernment may be a longer one and full of twists and turns.

How do I know if God is calling me? Throughout the ages, many have struggled to understand the Lord's intention and call. If you are feeling the desire to discern religious life, we recommend to start with the four steps to discernment that may help you decide if religious life is right for you! Become aware, gather information, make a decision, and look for confirmation of your choice.

Becoming a Sister is a process which requires time and ongoing search for God's will. You can read more about the different stages of becoming a Sister by going to this page.

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