Feast Day Saint: Saint Julia of Corsica

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St. Julia was a virgin martyr who is venerated as a saint. The date of her death is most probably on or about 439. She along with St. Devota, are the patron saints of Corsica. She was declared a patroness of Corsica by the Church on August 5, 1809, and St. Devota on Mary 14th, 1820. Both were martyred in pre-Christian Corsica under Roman rule. Although Julia is included in most summary lives of the saints, the details somewhat vary. A few basic accounts emerge, that tell us the story. A Bishop of Africa wrote most of the story, from her time. She was captured as a slave from Carthage and was taken to Africa to serve her Master’s “fleshly needs”. When refusing to make sacrifices to their pagan gods, she was beaten, flogged and crucified. She was a beautiful young girl that didn’t compromise for her faith, and an early saint of our Church.

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