R.I.P Sister Regina Monique, O.Carm.

Sister Regina Monique passed away on December 2, 2023.

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R.I.P Sister Margaret Therese Marie, O.Carm.

Sister Margaret Therese Marie, O.Carm. passed away on November 30, 2023.

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New York Eucharistic Congress 2023

Photo Courtesy: Sister Helena of Mary, O.Carm.

Celebrating the Eucharisitc Congress 2023 held at the Shrine of the North American Martyrs in Auriesville, NY

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Homegrown Stories

Homegrown Stories from our Homes: Featuring Lourdes Noreen McKeen and Saint Patrick's Manor.

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News Article: On the AIG Program "Sisters Aging Well Together"

Story Contribution: Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans, Global Sisters Report

The Global SIsters Report features the Avila Institute Program's "Sisters Aging Well Together" by Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans

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Carmel Connection 2023

Photo Courtesy: Sister Christopher Jude, O.Carm.

Carmel Connection members gather at Saint Teresa's Motherhouse

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Feast Day: Sister Michelle Elizabeth Marie, O.Carm.

Celebrating Feast Day Saint Michael the Archangel

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Feast Day: Sister Raphael Peregrine, O.Carm.

Sister Raphael Peregrine, O.Carm. reflects on her feast day.

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R.I.P Sister M. Teresa Lucy, O.Carm.

Sister Teresa Lucy O.Carm. passed away on September 5, 2023 on the 61st year of her religious life.

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Introducing The Mother Angeline Heritage Center.

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