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Jubilee Celebrations 2018

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On June 2, 2018, Saint Teresa’s Motherhouse at Avila-on-Hudson celebrated with our Carmelite Sisters who are commemorating their respective 70, 60 and 50 years of religious jubilees. As in times past, the celebration began with a festive Jubilee Socials on the eve of the Congregational Mass on June 2nd. The friends, family members and Sisters who were able to travel joined to thank God in fraternity for the many graces He has bestowed on our Jubilarians.  By their 930 years (and counting) of combined dedication, love and service to the elderly and our congregation, one cannot help but break into thanksgiving and praise!

On June 2, 2018, Father James Price, C.P, along with other invited members of the clergy, celebrated the Jubilee Mass at Saint Teresa's Chapel.  We are so grateful to the Carmelite pre-novices who made the liturgical celebration richer by their participation. We thank friends and families for joining us in the celebrations.  It was a graced moment for all present in very many ways.

After the Eucharistic liturgy, everyone proceeded to Carmel Hall for the reception.  God bless our dear Jubilarians!

Jubilarians of 2018

70th Jubilee- 1948

Sr. M. Helen Rosarie Arakelian, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Anthony Rosarie DiOrio, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Brendan Rosarie O’Brien, O.Carm.

60th Jubilee- 1958

Sr. M.Dolores Courtney, O.Carm.

Sr. Eileen Mary Fitzsimmons, O.Carm.

Sr. Margaret Therese Marie Jackson, O.Carm.

Sr. Joan Mary Lewis, O.Carm.

Sr. Angelica Rose Marie Mora, O.Carm.

Sr. Pauline Ross, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Virginia Aloysius Russo, O.Carm.

50th Jubilee- 1968

Sr. Mary Ann Dennehy, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Jeanette David Lindsay, O.Carm.

Sr. Maureen Theresa Murray, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Therese Suzanne Rankin, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Michelle Anne Reho, O.Carm.

Sr. Mary Suzanne Sapa, O.Carm.





2017 Religious Jubilees

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On June 3, 2017, thirteen Carmelite Sisters celebrated their 75th , 60th and 50 th religious jubilees.The event was held at the Congregation’s Motherhouse located in Germantown, New York.  It was a beautiful and joyous occasion for all present.  The Eucharistic liturgy was celebrated at 11:00 am with Father Myles Sheehan, S.J as the main celebrant.  Father Myles was joined at the altar by Fr. Jack Welch, O.Carm., Fr. Joseph Finch, Fr. Christopher Iannuzzio, O.Carm., Fr. Jack Collins, C.S.P, Fr. John Davis, O.P, Very Rev. Michael Kissane, O.Carm. and Very Rev. Mario Esposito, O.Carm. who acted as the Master of Ceremonies.  The Carmelite pre-Novices provided assistance with serving at Mass.  The event was attended by invited family members, guests and the Carmelite Sisters.  We remembered Sr. Stephen Immaculate, our 75th jubilarian,  who could not attend the celebration.  A reception was held at Carmel Hall with lots of music, dancing and the "Electric Slide" line dancing that garnered 2.3 million views and 47,669 shares on Facebook! You can visit our Facebook page below.

We congratulate our Jubilarians and thank them for the many years of dedicated service to our Congregation.  We thank God for the gifts that He has bestowed on each of them.


75th Jubilee-1942

Sister M. Stephen Immaculate Sodl, O.Carm.

60th Jubilee- 1957

Sister M. Veronica Therese De Lourdes Charlton, O.Carm.

Sr. Jean Ann Davis, O.Carm.

Sister M. Patrick Michael De Lourdes Kane, O.Carm.

Sister M. Carmel Cecilia O’Connor, O.Carm.

Sister M. Joseph Catherine De Lourdes Raymond, O.Carm.

Sister M. Bernadette Therese De Lourdes Reilly, O.Carm.

Sister M. Brigid De Lourdes Riley, O.Carm.

50th Jubilee- 1967

Mother M. Mark Louis Anne Randall, O.Carm.

Sister M. Joachim Anne Ferenchak, O.Carm.

Sister M. Timothy Anne Iovannone, O.Carm.

Sister M. Joan Rita Anne Jennings, O.Carm.

Sister Ann McCartney, O.Carm.



50 Years Jubilarians60 Years Jubilarians
All our Jubilarians60 Years JubilariansSister Carmel Cecilia 60 Years Jubilarian
Mass Entrance ProcessionMass Entrance ProcessionAltar with Priests
First Reading with Sr. Mary BrigidGospel Reading with Fr. Chris IannuzzioHomily by Fr. Myles Sheehan
Profession of Vows Sr. Mary Brigid De LourdesProfession of Vows Sr. Jean DavisProfession of Vows Sr. M. Bernadette Therese De Lourdes
Profession of Vows Sr. Carmel CeciliaProfession of Vows Sr. M. Joseph Catherine De LourdesProfession of Vows Sr. M. Veronica Therese De Lourdes
Profession of Vows Sr. M. Patrick Michael De LourdesProfession of Vows Sr. M. Timothy AnneProfession of Vows Sr. M. Joan Rita Anne
Profession of Vows Sr. Ann McCartneyProfession of Vows Sr. M. Joachim AnneProfession of Vows Mother Mark Louis Anne
Mass Offertory ProcessionMembers of ClergyMembers of Council and Clergy
Jubilee CakeJubilarians with Cake






2016 Jubilee Celebration

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During this Year of Mercy, we give thanks to God for our Sisters who celebrated their 80th, 70th, 60th, 50th and 25th Religious Jubilees!  The event was held at Saint Teresa's Motherhouse in Germantown, NY on June 4, 2016 and was attended by Carmelite Sisters, families and friends.  Most Reverend Mitchell Thomas Rozanski, Bishop of Springfield, Massachusetts was the Main Celebrant.    It was certainly a day filled with sunshine, joy and graces. 


Sr. M. Benigna Consolata Palmiere, O.Carm. 


Sr. Carolyn Therese Keane, O.Carm. (Not Pictured)

Sr. M. Xavier Frances Marchiony, O.Carm.


Sr. M. Shawn Bernadette Flynn, O.Carm.

Sr. Teresa Kennedy, O.Carm.

Sr. Mary Ellen Bernadette Magano, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Patricia of the Queen of Carmel Markey, O.Carm.


Sr. M. Shawn Bernard of the Holy Spirit Daniel, O.Carm.

Sr. Joseph Marie of the Holy Spirit Maloney, O.Carm.

Sr. Alice Webster, O.Carm.


Sr. M. Francis Pio Bucha, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Julie of St. Joseph McCarthy, O.Carm.

Sister Benigna, our 80th Jubilarian, also celebrated her 100th birthday this year! 



Congregational Jubilee 2015

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On June 6, 2015, nine Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm celebrated their 50th, 60th and 70th religious jubilees.  The event was held at the Chapel of Saint Teresa’s Motherhouse in Germantown, New York.  The day was perfect for such a joyous occasion and the beauty of Avila-on-Hudson was ever at its best.  The principal celebrant was Rev. David Simpson, O.Carm. Also present at the altar were Very Rev. Mario Esposito, O.Carm, Rev. Joseph Nguyen Do, O.Carm., Rev. Joseph Finch and Rev. Kane.  The Carmelite Novices assisted during the liturgy.  The event was attended by family members and friends of our Jubilarians. 

Father David Simpson gave an inspiring homily which drew attention to the Jubilee celebration being held on this Year of Consecrated Life and 5th Centenary of the Birth of Saint Teresa of Avila.

You can read Fr. David’s homily BELOW:

FrSimpson Homily2015 FrSimpson Homily2015 (216 KB)

We thank the Carmelite Sisters Congregational Choir led by Mother Mark Louis Anne, O.Carm. for providing the music for the liturgy.  We congratulate this year’s Jubilarians:

70th Jubilarian 

Sr. M. Veronica of the Little Flower Ciarlante, O.Carm.

60th Jubilarians

 Sr. M. Virginia of St. Joseph Gannon, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Helena Therese of St. Joseph Horan, O.Carm.

Sr. Kevin Patricia of St. Joseph O’Brien, O.Carm.

50th Jubilarians

Sr. M. Irene Christopher Keene, O.Carm.

Sr. Maureen de Lourdes McDonough, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Regina Monique Molner, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Francis Cecile Marcinak, O.Carm.

Sr. M. Bernadette Teresa Saunders, O.Carm.

After Mass, the Carmelite Sisters and their guests proceeded to Carmel Hall for reception and continued celebration and dancing!



2014 Religious Jubilee Celebrations

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On a beautiful Saturday morning of June 7, 2014, as the Church prepares to celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm gathered at Saint Teresa’s Chapel in Germantown, New York to celebrate the 25th, 50th, 60th, 70th  and 75th Religious Jubilees of  seventeen Carmelite Sisters. The Mass of Thanksgiving was held at 11:00 am with Most Reverend Raymond Chappetto, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn as the Principal Celebrant.  Very Reverend Mario Esposito, O.Carm. was the Master of Ceremony.  Rev. David Simpson, O.Carm., Rev. Jack Collins, CSP and Rev. Joseph Finch were the concelebrants.  The theme of the three readings can be summarized in three words: Love, Unity and Truth.  In his homily, Bishop Chappetto commended the Jubilarians for their fidelity to consecrated life; the unity lived and expressed in Community and ministry to the elderly in the spirit of Carmel; and the life of witness to the truths of the Gospel.  After the homily, the Jubilarians went up the aisle and individually renewed their religious vows.  At the Prayer of the Faithful, special mention was made of the four Jubilarians who were not able to attend this gathering.  The celebrations continued at Carmel Hall for food, music, dancing and fraternity!

We congratulate the following Carmelite Sisters for their life of service and ministry to the People of God. Thank you, Sisters, for your continued service and may God continue to bless you and your families!

75 Years:         Sister M. Edwin Thomas, O.Carm.

70 Years:         Sister M. Therese of the Child Jesus, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Rose of the Sacred Heart, O.Carm.

60 Years:         Sister Mary Ann Immaculate, O.Carm.

                     Sister M. Jude Regina, O.Carm.

50 Years:         Sister Theresa Margaret Cave, O.Carm.

                      Sister Maureen Carroll, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Matthew James of All Saints, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Michelle of All Saints, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Francis of All Saints, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Francis Clare of All Saints, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Therese Eileen of All Saints, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Bernadette Murphy, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Sean William of All Saints, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Philip Ann of All Saints, O.Carm.

                      Sister M. Margaret Edward of All Saints, O.Carm.

25 Years:         Sister M. Fidelis Therese, O.Carm.

 More Photos to Follow


Carmelite SistersSt. Teresa's Chapel- Main AltarCongregational Choir members
Bishop Chappetto meets SistersBishop Chappetto with Fr. Mario Esposito, O.Carm.2014 Jubilarians
70 years Jubilarian- Sr. M. Rose of the Sacred Heart, O.Carm.70 Years Jubilarian- Sr. M. Therese of the Child Jesus, O.Carm.50 Years Jubilarian- Sr. Francis of All Saints, O.Carm.
50 Years Jubilarian- Sr. M. Francis Clare of All Saints, O.Carm.50 Years Jubilarians- The All Saints CategoryCongregation applauds the Jubilarians
25 Years Jubilarian- Sr. M. Fidelis Therese, O.Carm.Electric Slide DanceYMCA Dance
L-R: Sr. Fidelis Therese, Sr. Patricia Margaret, Sr. Mary Catherine, Sr. Francis Patrick & Sr. Joseph JudeL-R: Sr. Ann, Sr. Shawn Bernadette, Sr. Teresa & Sr. Margaret Edward

Celebrating Diamond and Golden Jubilees

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It has been a very busy and exciting few days at Saint Teresa’s Motherhouse as five of our Sisters here at Avila prepared to celebrate their Diamond and Golden Jubilees.  Today, October 5, was the day chosen to invite families, friends and fellow Sisters to the Mass of Thanksgiving held at Saint Teresa’s Chapel in Germantown, New York.  It was a beautiful day filled with warm wishes, smiling faces, and tears of joy at the realization of 60 and 50 years of faithful service to God and His elderly.

A solemn procession led by our four Novices entered the Chapel  where about one hundred and seventy friends, guests, family members and Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, gathered together to participate in the Eucharistic Celebration.  Very Reverend Mario Esposito, O.Carm was the Main Celebrant and Homilist.  We were also privileged to have Msgr. James Sullivan and Rev. Paul Cox as con-celebrants, with our own Avila Chaplain, Rev. Joseph Finch. 


The readings chosen for the liturgy, and the homily given by Father Mario, all captured the very essence of vocation- whether to the married, single or religious states- the recognition of a Call, the discernment that follows, and the response made to that call.  Religious life is essentially both human and divine.  The words of Jesus in the Gospel, “It was not you who chose Me.  It was I who chose you” reflect the divine component of this Call.  Our Sister Jubilarians’ combined 260 years of dedicated and faithful service, giving of the talents each has received, sacrifices willingly accepted for the Kingdom, witness to the magnanimity and charity each human being is capable of giving.  Our great Carmelite mystic St. John of the Cross says it all, “Love is repaid by love alone.” It was truly fitting to celebrate and give thanks to God for the privilege of being a chosen servant for 50 and 60 years!


Sr. Kevin Patricia Lynch, First Reader                      Sr. Michael Mary Campbell, Second Reader


Sr. Therese Mary Bukowski, 60th Jubilarian          Sr. Ambrose of the Holy Angels Niznik, 50th Jubilarian


Sr. Barbara Jean of the Holy Angels Maloy AND Sr. Bernadine Anna of the Holy Angels Skasko, 50th Jubilarians


Sr. Ann Elizabeth of the Holy Angels Brown, 50th Jubilarian  

True to the Carmelite spirit of joy, the celebrations continued at Carmel Hall for food, music, dancing and the fraternity that binds us together!  Congratulations, dear Sisters, and may God continue to bless each of you!


           A beautiful Jubilee Cake!                                   Sr. Bernadine with family and guests


Sr. Ann Elizabeth Brown with family and guests             Carmelite Sisters with guests



Congregational Jubilee Celebrations

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Saint Teresa’s Motherhouse hosted the 25, 50, 60 and 75 years of religious jubilees of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm on June 8, 2013.  What a beautiful day filled with sunshine and joy!  The principal celebrant was Most Reverend Robert F. Hennessey, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston.  Also present was retired Archbishop Harry J.  Flynn of Minneapolis, the Carmelite Friars, Novices and pre-Novices, and invited members of the Clergy.   The Chapel was filled with Carmelite Sisters and the Jubilarians invited friends and family members.  The celebration required exceptional planning considering a larger group of Jubilarians this year. But as in times past, every piece fell in their rightful place!  The obvious theme of thanksgiving was in each and every one’s mind and heart as we listened to the Word of God in the Eucharistic Celebration, considered the faithful years of dedicated service to the elderly and the Church, and the graces and blessings God continues to bestow on the Congregation.  In the words of Mary, Queen and Mother of Carmel, “my soul magnifies the Lord. My spirit rejoices in God my Savior.  Holy is His Name!”

 Our 75th Jubilarians:  Sr. M. Anthony of the Sacred Heart, Sr. M. Agatha Immaculate and Sr. M. Josita of the Sacred Heart.

 Our 60th Jubilarians: Sr. Margaret Mary Boyle, Sr. Pauline Brecanier. Sr. Therese Mary, Sr. Michael Mary, Sr. Elena Castaneda, Sr. Jacinta Mary, Sr. Christine Mary, Sr. Bernadette Mary, Sr. Mary Elizabeth Sheffer.

 Our 50th Jubilarians:  Sr. Ann Elizabeth Brown, Sr. Ann Dailey, Sr. M. Robert Anthony of the Holy Angels, Sr. M. Clare of the Holy Angels, Sr. M. Kevin Patricia of the Holy Angels, Sr. Barbara Jean Maloy, Sr. M. Ambrose of the Holy Angels, Sr. Bernadette Marie O”Sullivan, Sr. Bernadine Anna Skasko, Sr. M. Sylvester of the Holy Angels, Sr. M. James Teresa of the Holy Angels.

 Our 25th Jubilarians:  Sr. Leda Veronica Domino and Sr. Theresa Marie Pfeffer.

 The celebrations continued in Carmel Hall for a special meal, toasts and spirited dancing enjoyed by all!