Garvey Manor Flos Carmeli and Roots of Caring Awards

Story Contribution: Holly Keller, BSW- Director of Development, Garvey Manor & Our Lady of Alleghenies Residence

Photo Courtesy: Garvey Manor

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We were honored today to recognize our employees with the Flos Carmeli Award. This award is presented by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm to recognize persons who embody the spirit of Mother M. Angeline Teresa. During the pandemic, Garvey Manor and Our Lady of the Alleghenies Residence employees along with employees of all of the facilities operated or sponsored by the congregation made many personal sacrifices to care for our residents. The employees were honored for their gracious dedication and outstanding service in their acts of Compassion, unwavering Hospitality, dedication to Sanctity of Life, and loyalty to Shared Commitment in serving our cherished elderly. Also today, we congratulate Holly Keller and Steve Dale who, during the pandemic, completed and graduated from the Carmelite Sisters’ Roots of Caring program, which educates lay staff in key leadership positions to sustain the history, heritage, mission and values now and into the future.

Congratulations to Holly, Steve, and our entire staff for these achievements!