Vocation Story

Sister Eulaliae Angeline George, O.Carm.

My name is Sister Eulaliae Angeline and my group entered Carmel on September 7, 1959.  I flew to New York from Chicago and took a cab to Mary Manning Walsh Home which still is one of the facilities operated by the Carmelite Sisters. The driver drove like the devil.  I just said a prayer after I handed him the address that if God wanted me in this Community, I would get there safely.  And I did.

The Sisters made me feel welcome and I was escorted to a room where I exchanged my high heels and pretty dress for a black Postulant’s dress, a black low-cut heeled shoes and black stockings.  All day and all evening I felt alone and scared, yet there was peace inside my heart.

The next morning on a tour of Walsh Home, in the infirmary, hung a picture of Saint Therese, just like the one over my grandmother’s bed.  After a life of feeling uncertain of belonging, all of a sudden, I was home!

As a little girl I had often looked at the picture and asked who “she” was.  Grandma said she was a Carmelite and now a Saint.  I was sure I wasn’t good enough to be a saint but I wanted to be a Carmelite whatever that meant.  As I grew up and remembered my early wish, I was in school with the Sisters of Charity at Saint Vincent in Chicago, when the Carmelite thoughts came back.  The students were interested in boys, dates, etc. I got caught up in it too but “Carmelite” kept coming back.

After I graduated, I worked and dated boys and was like all the others of the time. Clothes, shoes, boys and dates were in my daily thoughts yet there was a restlessness and I was also serious about a young man.  But “Carmelite” haunted me.  I visited a young priest in my parish, Father Edward Egan, who later became Cardinal Egan!  He was my friend for over 55 years and we corresponded all that time mostly by mail.  He had introduced me to several communities but none were Carmelites.  He gave me a book of 350 religious communities in North America. There I finally found the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm!  He wrote an introductory letter on my behalf.  I also wrote and was later accepted.

Finally a Carmelite! Yes, I know the meaning, the prayer and the Habit!


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Sister Eulaliae Angeline George, O.Carm.