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The Mother Angeline Heritage Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

Sister Helena - Tuesday, September 03, 2013

September 3, 2013- Foundation Day


From Mother Mark Louis Anne, O.Carm.- Superior General

“Today is a very happy day!  We celebrate the 84th anniversary of the foundation of our Congregation.  On this day in 1929, Mother Angeline and her six Companions went forward in faith to leave the secure and the familiar behind.  Foundation Day is the most appropriate occasion to begin the realization of the plans which have been in the works for the last two years.  The Heritage Center we hope to build will tell the story of Mother Angeline and our Congregation through exhibits, art pieces and reflective spaces.  We hope that it will serve generations to come and educate many regarding the need for dignified and respectful care of the elderly according to the Mission and Philosophy of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa and the Carmelite way of integrating prayer and ministry.  We ask all here present to pray for the success of this wonderful building project for “if the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor.”  With that in mind, may we continue our groundbreaking ceremony in faith and joy!”

 The following is part of the homily given by Rev. James Donlon, our Foundation Day celebrant at Mass, who coordinated the Tribunal in the early days of Mother Angeline’s Cause on the Diocesan level.


“When a person begins to build a structure, the foundation is the first thing to be done.  Only after the foundation is in place can the actual construction begin.  To do otherwise would be foolish and futile.  A waste.

Our lives of faith do not differ from this.  We too need a strong foundation, rooted in the Lord Jesus.  Just look at the life and ministry of our beloved Mother Angeline.  Nobody will question the good work she accomplished, as a Little Sister, as the Foundress of this Community, as a pioneer and leader in caring for our senior sisters and brothers.  Yes, Mother Angeline was a talented and gifted woman.  She was wise and forward thinking.  She was innovative and strong.  She was imaginative and creative.  While these gifts would prove so valuable, these are not the foundations upon which Mother Angeline built her ministry.  No, Mother Angeline’s foundation was her faith, her faith in the Lord Jesus.  A faith she nourished in so many ways- Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Prayer and Meditation, Scripture, to mention a few.  Whatever we may say of Mother Angeline, and we can say much, more than anything else, we must say she was a woman of faith.

 We today continue the work and ministry of Mother Angeline.  We continue to build upon the foundation she laid, a foundation built upon the Lord Jesus.  Again as St. Paul wrote to the early Church, “No one can lay a foundation other than the one that has been laid, namely Jesus Christ.” 

Again that is a powerful reminder to us today.  A strong foundation has been laid by Mother Angeline, through the Lord Jesus.  She has in so many ways shown us the way.  As St. Paul laid the foundation for the early Church at Corinth, Mother Angeline laid a strong foundation upon which we build today.  It is now for us to continue to build upon that foundation, but we do so only if we follow Mother’s example of always acting in the name of Jesus, only if we today continue to care for the foundation that gives us strength, our faith in the Lord Jesus.  That foundation, rooted in our faith, must be nourished and strengthened on a daily basis.  It cannot be taken for granted or neglected.  If it is, it may all too soon weaken and crumble.”

St. John Baptist de LaSalle, Founder of the De LaSalle Christian Brothers, had a simple prayer he uttered often.  Especially when facing challenges or difficulties in his ministry, he would pray aloud, “Lord, the work is yours!”  He entrusted all to the Lord Jesus.  Mother Angeline did likewise.  Those words of De La Salle could easily be Mother’s- “Lord, the work is yours!”  That simple prayer, so rich in faith, must be ours as well.  Mother Angeline laid the foundation built on a strong and lively faith in the Lord Jesus.  She knew, and so too must we, that all that we do, we do in the name of the Lord.  He is the ultimate foundation!”

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