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Mother Angeline Honored with Blue Plaque

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by Suzanne McGonagle- The Irish News

October 25, 2014

A nun whose work in the United States led to her being just one step away from being canonised by the Pope, has been honoured in her home village in Co. Tyrone.  An Ulster History Circle blue plaque was last night unveiled to Mother Angeline Teresa McCrory in Brocagh.  Archbishop Dr. Eamon Martin presided at the event at St. Brigid's Church in Brocagh to celebrate the achievements of the Mother, who worked as as advocate for the impoverished elderly.

Born Brigid Teresa McCrory in 1893, she was baptised in the Co. Tyrone Church and lived in the village until she was seven.  She later moved to Scotland and then to France to join the Little Sisters of the Poor at the age of 19.  She was sent on mission to the United States and served in Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, and the Bronx.  In 1926, now as mother Angeline, she was appointed superior of a nursing home of the Little Sisters of the Poor in the Bronx, New York.  Mother Angeline and another six Sisters were later granted permission from Rome to begin a new community of care of the aged.  She founded a new religious congregation, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, in New York in 1929.  The Community opened 59 foundations and still serve 19 homes in eight U.S states and in a home in Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  Mother Angeline died on January 21, 1984 on her 91st birthday and is buried in New York.

In June 2012, Pope Benedict XVI issued a decree, the first major step leading to her canonisation.  Chris Spurr from the Ulster History Circle last night said they were "delighted to honour Mother Angeline's achievements."  "Inspired by her deep care for the elderly, she founded a new community and the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm have benefited thousands of older people in America and in Ireland," he said.


MATBluePlaque MATBluePlaque (3011 KB)


Ireland Honors Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa

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Source: Tyrone Times

Archbishop Eamon Martin will perform the unveiling of a new shrine honouring Mother Angeline, who was born Brigid Teresa McCrory in January 1893, and went on to form a new order of Carmelite nuns which worked with the elderly and infirm in the Bronx district of New York.


New Portrait on Display at The National Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

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The National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Middletown, NY is honored to display a new portrait of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, O. Carm., or Mother Angeline, as she is fondly remembered by the Carmelite Community. Below the portrait is a plaque with the inscription “Daughter of Carmel – Mother to the Aged – Friend of Priests, Pray for Us.” The original painting was done by Robert Whelan in 2011. As the founder of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm in 1929, Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa was able to offer a different type of care and ministry to the elderly. Her vision and mission bore fruit and her spiritual daughters, along with their lay staff, continue this same mission of compassionate care to the Aged and Infirm today.The Mother Angeline Society is dedicated to the promotion of the Cause for Beatification and Canonization of the now Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa and the advancement of her charism in the Church. In a recent Mother Angeline Society Bulletin, Brother Robert Chiulli, O. Carm., wrote, “God teaches us through all the people we encounter: the well and the sick, the young and the old, the poor and the rich. Mother Angeline intuited this when she wrote, ‘We are privileged to take care of the dying Christ in the Mystical Body,’ as she knew that by lovingly attending to those who were living their final days on this Earth, that God was being revealed in a most special and tender way.” In her own words, Mother Angeline wrote, “…our Apostolate is not only to staff and operate up-to-date Homes for the Aged. As religious, it is to bring Christ to every old person under our care. Bringing Christ means giving them His compassion, His interest, His loving care, His warmth – morning, noon, and night!” To learn more about The Mother Angeline Society or become a member, visit the website of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm.

Ireland Celebrates Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa!

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Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa's 30th anniversary of entrance to eternal life was celebrated on January 19, 2014 in Co. Tyrone, Ireland at a special Mass offered by Archbishop Eamon Martin DD. A photo of the Venerable was blessed and given a place of honor in the Parish of Clonoe. We are grateful that Sr. M. Therese Eileen, O.Carm and Sr. Mary of Jesus, O.Carm were able to represent our Congregation at this event.

Reflections from the Homily given by Archbishop Eamon Martin DD

Archbishop of Armagh & Primate of All Ireland

Mass of the Blessing of Picture & Shrine in Honor of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, O. Carm

Parish of Clonoe, Co Tyrone

January 19, 2014


By Sr. Therese Eileen Mulvaney, O.Carm.

Archbishop Eamon Martin opened his homily by expressing delight at being invited to this very special event.  He expressed his delight to celebrate the Mass of Blessing in honor of a woman who was a member of this local parish and is now on her way to Sainthood!

One hundred twenty years ago, a little girl was born in this parish and was baptized in St. Brigid’s Church in Brocagh, a few miles from where this parish presently stands.  The girl’s name was Brigid.  The family moved to Glasgow because of difficult family circumstances.  When she was 18 years old, Brigid felt called to serve the Lord in religious life.  She joined the Little Sisters of the Poor where she worked with the elderly.  She was sent to the Motherhouse of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Paris where she studied.

Sr. Angeline was sent to New York, USA.   It was there she felt a strong call to serve the aged and infirmed Americans who had no one to look after them.  Sister Angeline talked to Cardinal Hayes about this and soon with several other Sisters founded another religious community- the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged & Infirm.  The Carmelite Sisters currently have 17 Nursing Homes in USA and one in Dalkey in Dublin, Ireland.  The Archbishop was delighted to welcome two of Mother Angeline’s spiritual daughters who were able to attend the celebration- Sr. Mary and Sr. Eileen.  The introduction was followed by a big applause from the congregation!

Mother Angeline was born on January 21st and died on the same day in 1984.  Her community of Sisters very soon recognized there was something very special about this woman.  They immediately started praying and working on her Cause for Beatification and Canonization.  She was first declared Servant of God.  On June 28, 2012 she was declared Venerable by Pope Benedict XVI. 

Archbishop Martin reminded the congregation of our universal call to be saints.  His words were, “You and I, ordinary people, can become Saints.  Pope Francis said recently to a group gathered in Rome, “I want you all to be Saints”.  So I would ask you all to pray to Venerable Angeline, come in here and look at her picture and to ask her intercession for what you need.  I hope that there will be girls from this parish who will feel called to follow in her footsteps of caring for the aged and infirm.” 

The Archbishop then proceeded to bless the picture of Venerable Angeline Teresa and recited the intercessory prayers with the Congregation.



Fr. Fee pours waterArchbishop Martin prays at the shrinecarmelite Sisters present the altar gifts
Carmel McConaughey, Archbishop Martin, Sr. Mary of Jesus & Sr. Therese Eileen.  Carmel McConaughey is the wife of Des McConaughey-the oldest living relative of Mother Angeline who is still living in Mt. Joy, Co. TyroneSr. Therese Eileen, Bishop Martin, Sr. Mary & Missionaries of CharitySr. Therese Eileen, Bishop Martin & Sr. Mary
Sr. Therese Eileen & Sr. MaryBlessing of WaterChildren from four Parish Schools
Fr. Fee, Fr. McCallion, Archbishop Eamon Martin & Fr. MacKeone



Celebrating Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa

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January 21st is always a big day of celebration for the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm.  On this day, Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, was born and died.  This year, we celebrate her 123rd birthday and 30th anniversary of death.   Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa founded the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm in 1929 to offer a different type of care and ministry to the elderly.  Her vision and mission bore fruit and her spiritual daughters, along with their lay staff, continue this same mission of compassionate care to the Aged and Infirm today.

The Mass of Thanksgiving was held at Saint Teresa’s Chapel at the Motherhouse in Germantown, New York.  Bishop Howard Hubbard of the Diocese of Albany was the principal celebrant.  Very Reverend Mario Esposito, O.Carm. gave the homily while other invited members of the secular Clergy and Carmelite members of Saint Elias Province in Middletown, New York con-celebrated.  The gathering was also attended by members of the McCrory family, friends of the Community, and the Carmelite Sisters.  The day was bright, cold, with the remaining snow from the previous storm, continuing to melt away in the background. 

Very Reverend Mario Esposito gave a homily centering on the theme chosen for this year: “Disciple of the Gospel.”  Father Mario eloquently reminded those present that discipleship is an ongoing process and that a true disciple of the Lord is always open to be taught, open to be formed, open to be called, and open to learn new things about oneself, about others, and the world.  Bishop Howard Hubbard, in his close of Mass remarks, used Pope Francis’ exhortation to summarize the Venerable Foundress’ life: hospitality, concern for the poor, mercy.

On this eve of the 41st Anniversary of the March for Life in our nation’s capital, may the example of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, Disciple of the Gospel, continue to draw men and women of good will to give of themselves in the service of the elderly and to bear witness to the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.



Entrance Procession
Main Celebrant: Bishop Howard HubbardFirst Reader: Angeline McCrory
Second Reader: Katie McCroryProclamation of the Gospel: Rev Paul Denault, O.Carm.Homilist: Very Rev. Mario Esposito, O.Carm.
Prayer of the Faithful: Sr. Ann Brown, O.Carm.Offertory: Carmelite Sisters Postulants & Novices
Eucharistic PrayerHoly Communion
Bishop Howard Hubbard Closing RemarksRecessionalRefectory Poster Display
Invited Members of the ClergyMother Mark, Council Members and Clergy
The McCrory Family- Eugene, Karen, John Sr.,Irene, Katie, Angeline, John Jr., MichaelAngeline, Bishop Hubbard, Katie & Michael McCroryWith Father Mario Esposito and Mother Mark
With Sr. Barbara MaloyJohn and Michael McCrory

The Mother Angeline Heritage Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

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September 3, 2013- Foundation Day


From Mother Mark Louis Anne, O.Carm.- Superior General

“Today is a very happy day!  We celebrate the 84th anniversary of the foundation of our Congregation.  On this day in 1929, Mother Angeline and her six Companions went forward in faith to leave the secure and the familiar behind.  Foundation Day is the most appropriate occasion to begin the realization of the plans which have been in the works for the last two years.  The Heritage Center we hope to build will tell the story of Mother Angeline and our Congregation through exhibits, art pieces and reflective spaces.  We hope that it will serve generations to come and educate many regarding the need for dignified and respectful care of the elderly according to the Mission and Philosophy of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa and the Carmelite way of integrating prayer and ministry.  We ask all here present to pray for the success of this wonderful building project for “if the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor.”  With that in mind, may we continue our groundbreaking ceremony in faith and joy!”

 The following is part of the homily given by Rev. James Donlon, our Foundation Day celebrant at Mass, who coordinated the Tribunal in the early days of Mother Angeline’s Cause on the Diocesan level.


“When a person begins to build a structure, the foundation is the first thing to be done.  Only after the foundation is in place can the actual construction begin.  To do otherwise would be foolish and futile.  A waste.

Our lives of faith do not differ from this.  We too need a strong foundation, rooted in the Lord Jesus.  Just look at the life and ministry of our beloved Mother Angeline.  Nobody will question the good work she accomplished, as a Little Sister, as the Foundress of this Community, as a pioneer and leader in caring for our senior sisters and brothers.  Yes, Mother Angeline was a talented and gifted woman.  She was wise and forward thinking.  She was innovative and strong.  She was imaginative and creative.  While these gifts would prove so valuable, these are not the foundations upon which Mother Angeline built her ministry.  No, Mother Angeline’s foundation was her faith, her faith in the Lord Jesus.  A faith she nourished in so many ways- Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Prayer and Meditation, Scripture, to mention a few.  Whatever we may say of Mother Angeline, and we can say much, more than anything else, we must say she was a woman of faith.

 We today continue the work and ministry of Mother Angeline.  We continue to build upon the foundation she laid, a foundation built upon the Lord Jesus.  Again as St. Paul wrote to the early Church, “No one can lay a foundation other than the one that has been laid, namely Jesus Christ.” 

Again that is a powerful reminder to us today.  A strong foundation has been laid by Mother Angeline, through the Lord Jesus.  She has in so many ways shown us the way.  As St. Paul laid the foundation for the early Church at Corinth, Mother Angeline laid a strong foundation upon which we build today.  It is now for us to continue to build upon that foundation, but we do so only if we follow Mother’s example of always acting in the name of Jesus, only if we today continue to care for the foundation that gives us strength, our faith in the Lord Jesus.  That foundation, rooted in our faith, must be nourished and strengthened on a daily basis.  It cannot be taken for granted or neglected.  If it is, it may all too soon weaken and crumble.”

St. John Baptist de LaSalle, Founder of the De LaSalle Christian Brothers, had a simple prayer he uttered often.  Especially when facing challenges or difficulties in his ministry, he would pray aloud, “Lord, the work is yours!”  He entrusted all to the Lord Jesus.  Mother Angeline did likewise.  Those words of De La Salle could easily be Mother’s- “Lord, the work is yours!”  That simple prayer, so rich in faith, must be ours as well.  Mother Angeline laid the foundation built on a strong and lively faith in the Lord Jesus.  She knew, and so too must we, that all that we do, we do in the name of the Lord.  He is the ultimate foundation!”

Mural Ten CommandmentsThe GrottoThe Heritage
Meditation AreaMother Angeline's RoomTimeline
Sisters and Guests assembled for Blessing CeremonyRev. James Donlon, Mother Mark, Sr. Patricia, Sr. AnnRev. James Donlon
Site of the Mother Angeline Heritage CenterFr. Donlon blesses the new siteGroundbreaking




Mass of Thanksgiving for Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm.

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Thanks be to God!  These words of gratitude were in the hearts and minds of everyone who participated in the Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception at St. Teresa’s Chapel at St. Teresa’s Motherhouse in Germantown, New York.  On this glorious feast of Mary Immaculate, we give glory to God for having raised in our midst a woman of heroic virtues, Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory, O.Carm., who by fidelity to her vocation and vision, made the care of the elderly and infirm with love, dignity, and professionalism, as deserving children of God, possible for many other generous people of faith. The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm wish to thank Most Reverend Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop of Albany, for his presence.  Having so many invited members of the Clergy, friends and family members of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, and those persons involved in the promotion of Mother Angeline’s Cause, added special solemnity and joy to this memorable event.  The Eucharistic celebration was shared with our Sisters and Residents in their respective facilities, along with the public at large, through the magic of technology - live streaming!  It truly made this special day an occasion for true praise by the Church at large!  Very Reverend Mario Esposito, O.Carm., Vice Postulator of the Cause,  captured the essence of what the celebration was all about in his homily, a part of which follows: “From the beginning of the Congregation’s history, Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa used the Feast of the Immaculate Conception as the time for retreat and renewal among her Sisters. During her formation as a Little Sister, of course, the Immaculate Conception was an object of their particular devotion because of the events at Lourdes, France in 1858, when Mary made herself  known to St. Bernadette with the words, “I am the Immaculate Conception.” Distinctive of Mother’s spirituality was, as well, an understanding of America, and American values and the needs of the American elderly, and Mary, under the title of the Immaculate Conception is the patroness of the United States and of the Diocese of Brooklyn where she worked for nine years as a Little Sister. It almost seems in the Foundress’ Circular Letters, that December 8th was like New Years. The Sisters, refreshed by their annual retreat which concluded with the renewal of vows, were now to begin a new year and redouble their efforts both spiritually and apostolically. Year after year, Mother Angeline encouraged her daughters to remember the lessons of their novitiate days, and to remain faithful to their Carmelite ideals of the spiritual and religious life. Always, Mary the Faithful Virgin, who gave herself obediently, chastely, and in the poverty of her life and work, was the ideal to imitate. And, the Venerable asked nothing of her Sisters, that she didn’t dedicate herself to as well, uniting herself to their joys and sorrows. The Investigation into the Life, Virtues and Reputation for Holiness conducted first at the Diocesan level here in Albany, and then in Rome, revealed that Mother Angeline’s life showed beyond question, that she manifested in the whole of her life, the practice of the Christian virtues. The grace of the baptism and confirmation that she received, developed into a mature and habitual living of the gospel values, particularly faith, shown in all of Mother’s dealings with others, in how she faced difficulties, and how she was a model of joyful acceptance of God’s will in all things. To be heroic, for me, means going the extra step. Heroism always implies a step forward, an action, or a response that calls for a “something more” than that which is ordinary. Where the ordinary response to insult or injury might be to strike back or withhold forgiveness, in the life of the Venerable we see ample forgiveness, and great love for the other shown over and over again. When the ordinary response to insurmountable difficulty might be to give up and quit, the response of the Venerable was to pray and trust that God will provide over and over again. When the ordinary response to a loss of power or control might be anger or to manifest pride, the response of the Venerable was extraordinary acceptance and peace over and over again. These are just some of the ways in which Mother Angeline showed the depth of her heroic holiness. As time moves forward, we will see and hear and read still more about her virtue, as we continue on a journey of discovery of who this woman of faith, who grew up in a certain context, culture and family, who received a particular formation and life experience, speaks from the well of her grace-filled life, a word that we must listen to and come to understand in a fresh way.” (Read Full Homily) The celebration concluded with a gathering in Carmel Hall for a luncheon.                                                         SPECIAL RECEPTION                        

Mass of Thanksgiving- Live Stream!

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  The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm celebrate with great joy the advancement of the Cause for the Beatification and Canonization of our Foundress, Mother M. Angeline Teresa McCrory, O.Carm.  On June 28, 2012, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome to promulgate the Decree of Heroic Virtues of Mother Angeline Teresa.  On December 8, 2012, the Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated by Most Reverend Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop of Albany, in St. Teresa’s Chapel at St. Teresa’s Motherhouse, Germantown, New York.  This event will be attended by invited members of the Clergy, friends and family members of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, and those persons involved in the Promotion of Mother Angeline’s Cause. This momentous celebration is available to the public via LIVE STREAM  on December 8th at 11:00 am.  Please join us in thanking God for this great gift to His Church!


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The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI gave his consent yesterday, 28th of June 2012, to the promulgation of the Decree of Heroic Virtues of the Servant of God, Mother Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm. (Bridget Teresa McCrory) Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm in Germantown, New York, U.S.A. Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa was born in Ireland and became a Little Sister of the Poor. While working in the Bronx, New York, she and six companions separated themselves from their former Congregation to found, with the help of the Cardinal Archbishop of New York and the Carmelite Friars there, the new Congregation affiliated with Carmelite Order. Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa died in 1984. The Diocesan Phase of the Cause, conducted in the Diocese of Albany, New York, began in 1992 with Father Mario Esposito, O.Carm. (SEL) as Postulator. Doctor Andrea Ambrosi is the present Roman Postulator. READ ORIGINAL SOURCE Decreto sobre la heroicidad de las virtudes de la Sierva de Dios María Angelina Teresa, O.Carm. Ayer, 28 de junio, el Santo Padre Benedicto XVI autorizó la promulgación del Decreto sobre la heroicidad de las virtudes de la Sierva de Dios Madre María Angelina Teresa, O.Carm. (Bridget Teresa McCrory), fundadora de las Hermanas Carmelitas para los Ancianos y Enfermos de Germantown, Nueva York, Estados Unidos. La Ven, Madre María Angelina Teresa nació en Irlanda e ingresó en las Hermanitas de los Pobres. Cuando estaba trabajando con otras seis hermanas en Bronx, Nueva York, se separó de la Congregación y, con la ayuda del Cardenal arzobispo de Nueva York y de los carmelitas, fundó una nueva Congregación afiliada a la Orden Carmelitana. La Ven. Madre María Angelina Teresa murió en 1984. La fase diocesana de la causa, que se siguió en la diócesis de Albany, Nueva York, se inició el año 1992 con el P. Mario Espósito, O.Carm. (SEL) como postulador. En la actualidad, la fase romana de la causa la lleva el postulador Dr. Andrea Ambrosi. Felicitamos a las Hermanas Carmelitas para  los Ancianos y los Enfermos, que gestionan diecisiete casas en los Estados Unidos y una en Irlanda. Las hermanas son vanguardistas en el campo de las curas geriátricas y unas serias defensoras de la sacralidad de la vida, siguiendo el carisma de su fundadora, la Venerable María Angelina Teresa. READ ORIGINAL SOURCE

Decreto sulle virtù eroiche della Serva di Dio Madre Maria Angelina Teresa, O.Carm. Ieri, 28 giugno 2012, il Santo Padre Benedetto XVI ha autorizzato a promulgare il Decreto riguardante le virtù eroiche della Serva di Dio Madre Maria Angelina Teresa, O.Carm. (Bridget Teresa McCrory), fondatrice delle Suore Carmelitane per gli Anziani e gli Infermi a Germantown, New York, Stati Uniti. La Ven. Madre Maria Angelina Teresa è nata in Irlanda ed è entrata tra le Piccole Sorelle dei poveri. Mentre lavorava nel Bronx, New York, insieme a sei altre suore si è separata dalla sua Congregazione per fondare con l'aiuto del Cardinale arcivescovo di New York e dei carmelitani la nuova Congregazione affiliata all'Ordine Carmelitano. La Ven. Madre Maria Angelina Teresa è morta nel 1984. La fase diocesana della causa, condotta nella diocesi di Albany, New York, è cominciata nel 1992 con P. Mario Esposito, O.Carm. (SEL) come postulatore. Attualmente, nella fase romana la causa viene seguita dal postulatore, Dott. Andrea Ambrosi. Molti auguri alle Suore Carmelitane per gli Anziani e gli Infermi, che gestiscono diciassette case negli Stati Uniti e una in Irlanda. Le suore sono all'avanguardia nel campo della cura geriatrica e difendono con forza la sacralità della vita, seguendo il carisma della loro fondatrice, la Venerabile Maria Angelina Teresa. READ ORIGINAL SOURCE


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The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm are happy to announce that on Thursday, June 28, 2012, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome to promulgate the decree of Heroic Virtues of their Foundress, Mother Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm. (Bridget Teresa McCrory).  Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa was born in Ireland in 1893 and entered the Little Sisters of the Poor in 1912.  While stationed in the Bronx, New York, Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa began a new Congregation for the care of the elderly, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, in 1929 which is dedicated to giving high quality service to the Aged with a special reverence for the sanctity of life.  The Sisters conduct seventeen homes for the Aged in the United States and one in Ireland.  The Motherhouse of the Sisters is in Germantown, New York, Diocese of Albany.  While there is no public ceremony associated with becoming Venerable, the faithful are encouraged to pray for their intentions through Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa's intercession.