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213th General Chapter of the Order of Carmelites

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SEPTEMBER 2-21, 2014

The 213th General Chapter of the Order of Carmelites opened in Il Carmelo in Sassone, Rome, Italy on Tuesday morning, September 3, 2013. 111 Friars from the five continents gathered representing nearly every country where the Carmelite Order has communities and ministers.


Carmelite Nuns Use Technology to Celebrate St. Teresa

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An interesting news article featuring an extraordinary Carmelite event organized as part of the 5th Centenary of Birth of Saint Teresa of Avila in 2015.  After reading and watching the story behind the event, make sure you click the YouTube link provided to view the full video! "Nada Te Turbe" (Let Nothing Disturb You) is the famous phrase attributed to Saint Teresa and has been rendered in song and poetry down through the centuries.

RENO, NV - It's a 500-year-old religious order, its members scattered across the world, separated from each other, and often from the world outside. It's now brought together for the first time by song and technology. It's an historic moment that began in Reno. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


SALVE REGINA VIRTUAL CHOIR - An official VMG virtual choir, "Salve Regina" is the second of two virtual choirs produced for the celebration of St. Teresa of Jesus's 500th birthday. This virtual choir is made up of Carmelite Nuns and Friars from around the world and highlights the internationality and diversity of the Carmelite Order. Music composed by Claire Sokol, OCD.

NEWS: Cebrating the 125th Anniversary of Arrival of the Carmelites in New York

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Mass of Thanksgiving presided by Timothy Cardinal Dolan at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middletown, New York. (Pictured above)

On March 29, 2014, members of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm led by Mother Mark Louis Anne Randall, O.Carm., Superior General, along with many representatives of the Carmelite family, attended the 125th Anniversary Mass of the arrival of the Carmelites in New York.  Read Full Article here.

NEWS: Change of Date for Memorial of St. Nuno Alvarez Pereira

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The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments recently approved the changing of the date of the memorial of St. Nuno Alvarez Pereira from the 1st of April to the 6th of November. This change to the liturgical calendar of the Order is to take effect immediately. Now that he has been canonised, this change provides the possibility of celebrating the memorial of St. Nuno. The fact that the previous date coincided normally with Lent or with the Octave of Easter often meant that it was not celebrated. Now everyone is in line with the date already followed in Portugal. Unfortunately, the Congregation did not grant the raising of the memorial to a feast for the whole Order.  Original Article

NEWS: Presentation of CD, Albertus and Carmel in Rome

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The Carmelite Order commemorates the 8th centenary of Saint Albert of Jerusalem's death in 2014.  St. Albert gave the early Carmelites their formula of life between 1206-1214 which later became known as the Rule of St. Albert. Sr. Mariarosaria Calabrese and Sr. Mariagiulia Verdi, presented the CD, Albertus & Carmel at the St. Albert's International Center in Rome to an attendance of fifty people. The CD contains twelve songs, all to do with St. Albert of Jerusalem.  The variety of songs, composed by the two Sisters, gives a feeling for St. Albert as the one who wrote the Rule of Carmel, for the hermits who asked for the Rule and for the world in which all of this happened.  Click for FULL ARTICLE.

Carmelite Commission Report: Back to the Sources

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the O.Carm. and O.C.D. Commission of Wadi


Perhaps for many the name “Wadi Es Siah” quickens their heartbeat, for others it is just a foreign expression like many others. For those who for many years have visited and walked through the valley on Mount Carmel near Haifa, called Wadi Es Siah, it is a mystical place imbued with memories, ever old and ever new.

Certainly for all Carmelites, this natural ravine, with so many historical and archeological remains, is a constant reminder to us of our origins and the cradle of our childhood. We do not wish to go over all the historical and archeological data that make this place so unique for Carmelites. However, somewhat caught up in the emotion of all that is happening, we would like to share some of what the two Father Generals, O.Carm. and O.C.D. hope to able to achieve together. This is an ambitious project of conservation, care and restoration of the archeological and natural ruins, and of the surroundings, in the place where the first Carmelite hermits really lived.

For us, as for many, walking through the Wadi Es Siah is not just a recognition of something that happened in the past and an expression of interest in culture generally, but a way of sensing and knowing with the heart, slaking a thirst by drinking from the well that refreshes every day the spirituality of simple Carmelites.

I do not know which is more contagious, our belonging to the Holy Land, or our birth in this place, but this combination or this double track, leads us one way or another to our sacred goal. We leave it to you to discover for yourselves and to experience this journey.

Getting more to the practical side of things in relation to this project in the Wadi Es Siah we begin with the desire and the determination of the two General Superiors not to abandon this place that is so dear. This desire found expression in the establishment of a joint commission made up of O.Carm. and O.C.D. friars, who by working together endeavour to find the best way to study and then to concretise the common desires as to how to preserve, maintain, visit and protect this Carmelite heritage in terms of its historical, archeological and naturalistic dimensions. The members of this Commission at the moment are, Fr. Raul Maravi, O.Carm., Councillor General, Fr. José Colón, Fr. Francisco Nigral and Bro. Fausto Spinelli, all three members of the O.C.D. Israel Delegation.

Unfortunately, we are forced to act on two fronts by the urgency of the situation: safety and the strictly archeological and architectural restoration. In particular, work will have to be done, in line with the Israeli Department of Antiquities, to restore the ancient buildings, particularly the Church, as a beginning. As we already indicated, however, before beginning any of this work, we have to ensure that this important Carmelite site is safeguarded against intruders and from damage either to persons or to property.

While this precautionary and cleaning work is being set up, we will not stop with these measures, but will put together a comprehensive plan that will involve the whole area and all the essential components, both archaeological and naturalistic. This will allow Carmelite pilgrims and other local people to visit the place. We must not forget that this site has a specific and religious interest not only for Carmelites but also for Jews and Moslems, not forgetting the many families, school groups and tourists who also visit the place.

We already realise that the road ahead for this project will not be very smooth and it will not be easy to bring to completion. This will be so, not only from the financial point of view, but also because it will not be possible to do everything at once, but a series of units will be required so that as finances become available and all the permissions are obtained from the local authorities, the work can go ahead in suitable stages. We know already that the Mayor’s Office, the Department for Israeli Antiquities and the National Park Authority which is responsible for the location will make demands on our time, our patience and our money. However, just as everything that is worthwhile demands effort and dedication a lot will have to be done to make this project a reality and to help it to endure.

We wonder should we write more. We may bore you by listing all the elements of architectural restoration that we hope to carry out, or by pointing out the routes that will allow people to visit the site, or by describing the resting areas from which there are a number of amazing views. Just making a list of all these would be dry and uninteresting, while explaining all the desires we have and the solutions that we still have to agree with the authorities would not be professional or very serious. So, for the moment all we can do is leave you with the curiosity and agree to stay in touch, to update you on how the project is proceeding. By just reading the article about the elements that are on the site at the moment, and by looking at the photos of the whole area, you will be able to get a good idea of what it is like right now and imagine how it might develop in the future.

Even though the joint commission of the two Carmelite families, under the guidance of the two Generals, will be the ones to work more directly in the development of the project and its completion, there will always be a need for the collaboration of many other people, not only the professionals who will deal with the bureaucratic aspects but all those who will help in making this work known to the Carmelite families spread throughout the world.

As in the case of every major undertaking all have to make their own contribution, and everyone with their own small brick, so here too we ask all those who are interested to help a little, by bring their own bucket, or their own capacity to the task. We ask you first of all for prayer and then to send your offering to Rome, to the Bursars General, Fr. Kevin Alban, O.Carm. and Fr. Attilio Ghisleri, O.C.D. who will be the first to deal with these gifts and offerings to make sure that they get to their destination, directly and in time for the execution of the various phases of the project.

Very soon a joint campaign from the two Carmelite families will be launched, to collect funds, in order that all the provinces, houses and monasteries may be able to help us directly.

We promise to keep you informed, but you also should feel free to ask us for regular information about what is happening, and the difficulties we have to meet along the way.


The Commission


SOURCE: (History and Spirituality)

A Message to the Whole Carmelite Family

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In this Year of Faith, we, the members of the two General Councils OCarm. and OCD, came on pilgrimage to Aylesford, England. This is a significant place for the entire Carmelite Family. In fact, in this place, where we are writing this message to you on the feast of St. Simon Stock, are the remains of the ancient Carmelite house which was founded in 1242 by some of the pilgrim-hermits from Mount Carmel. Their return to Europe from the Holy Land, their gradual move from an eremitical life to a mendicant one, their experience of God and above all, their humble and fraternal trust in Mary in a period of cultural crisis, were for us all a source of inspiration. They also gave us pause for thought in rethinking our mission for today’s world – the topic to which we devoted most of our working sessions. In these we were guided by Father Benito De Marchi, a Comboni Missionary. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


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The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI gave his consent yesterday, 28th of June 2012, to the promulgation of the Decree of Heroic Virtues of the Servant of God, Mother Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm. (Bridget Teresa McCrory) Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm in Germantown, New York, U.S.A. Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa was born in Ireland and became a Little Sister of the Poor. While working in the Bronx, New York, she and six companions separated themselves from their former Congregation to found, with the help of the Cardinal Archbishop of New York and the Carmelite Friars there, the new Congregation affiliated with Carmelite Order. Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa died in 1984. The Diocesan Phase of the Cause, conducted in the Diocese of Albany, New York, began in 1992 with Father Mario Esposito, O.Carm. (SEL) as Postulator. Doctor Andrea Ambrosi is the present Roman Postulator. READ ORIGINAL SOURCE Decreto sobre la heroicidad de las virtudes de la Sierva de Dios María Angelina Teresa, O.Carm. Ayer, 28 de junio, el Santo Padre Benedicto XVI autorizó la promulgación del Decreto sobre la heroicidad de las virtudes de la Sierva de Dios Madre María Angelina Teresa, O.Carm. (Bridget Teresa McCrory), fundadora de las Hermanas Carmelitas para los Ancianos y Enfermos de Germantown, Nueva York, Estados Unidos. La Ven, Madre María Angelina Teresa nació en Irlanda e ingresó en las Hermanitas de los Pobres. Cuando estaba trabajando con otras seis hermanas en Bronx, Nueva York, se separó de la Congregación y, con la ayuda del Cardenal arzobispo de Nueva York y de los carmelitas, fundó una nueva Congregación afiliada a la Orden Carmelitana. La Ven. Madre María Angelina Teresa murió en 1984. La fase diocesana de la causa, que se siguió en la diócesis de Albany, Nueva York, se inició el año 1992 con el P. Mario Espósito, O.Carm. (SEL) como postulador. En la actualidad, la fase romana de la causa la lleva el postulador Dr. Andrea Ambrosi. Felicitamos a las Hermanas Carmelitas para  los Ancianos y los Enfermos, que gestionan diecisiete casas en los Estados Unidos y una en Irlanda. Las hermanas son vanguardistas en el campo de las curas geriátricas y unas serias defensoras de la sacralidad de la vida, siguiendo el carisma de su fundadora, la Venerable María Angelina Teresa. READ ORIGINAL SOURCE

Decreto sulle virtù eroiche della Serva di Dio Madre Maria Angelina Teresa, O.Carm. Ieri, 28 giugno 2012, il Santo Padre Benedetto XVI ha autorizzato a promulgare il Decreto riguardante le virtù eroiche della Serva di Dio Madre Maria Angelina Teresa, O.Carm. (Bridget Teresa McCrory), fondatrice delle Suore Carmelitane per gli Anziani e gli Infermi a Germantown, New York, Stati Uniti. La Ven. Madre Maria Angelina Teresa è nata in Irlanda ed è entrata tra le Piccole Sorelle dei poveri. Mentre lavorava nel Bronx, New York, insieme a sei altre suore si è separata dalla sua Congregazione per fondare con l'aiuto del Cardinale arcivescovo di New York e dei carmelitani la nuova Congregazione affiliata all'Ordine Carmelitano. La Ven. Madre Maria Angelina Teresa è morta nel 1984. La fase diocesana della causa, condotta nella diocesi di Albany, New York, è cominciata nel 1992 con P. Mario Esposito, O.Carm. (SEL) come postulatore. Attualmente, nella fase romana la causa viene seguita dal postulatore, Dott. Andrea Ambrosi. Molti auguri alle Suore Carmelitane per gli Anziani e gli Infermi, che gestiscono diciassette case negli Stati Uniti e una in Irlanda. Le suore sono all'avanguardia nel campo della cura geriatrica e difendono con forza la sacralità della vita, seguendo il carisma della loro fondatrice, la Venerabile Maria Angelina Teresa. READ ORIGINAL SOURCE


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The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm are happy to announce that on Thursday, June 28, 2012, His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome to promulgate the decree of Heroic Virtues of their Foundress, Mother Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm. (Bridget Teresa McCrory).  Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa was born in Ireland in 1893 and entered the Little Sisters of the Poor in 1912.  While stationed in the Bronx, New York, Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa began a new Congregation for the care of the elderly, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, in 1929 which is dedicated to giving high quality service to the Aged with a special reverence for the sanctity of life.  The Sisters conduct seventeen homes for the Aged in the United States and one in Ireland.  The Motherhouse of the Sisters is in Germantown, New York, Diocese of Albany.  While there is no public ceremony associated with becoming Venerable, the faithful are encouraged to pray for their intentions through Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa's intercession.