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Carmelite Sisters Join St. Simon Stock Celebration

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Story and Photo Contribution: Sr. Kevin Patricia, O.Carm.

The Carmelite Sisters of Saint Patrick's Home joined the Carmelite Friars in their belated celebration of  the 100th anniversary of the Carmelite Saint , St. Simon Stock.  The celebration was held at Saint Simon Stock- Saint Joseph Parish in the Bronx. Given the difficulties brought  by the pandemic, the  celebration was delayed from its actual day on May 16, 2020 to March 2021. It was a lovely celebration and it was great hearing again our early history with our Foundress Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, her Six Companions, and the Carmelite Father Flanagan who assisted the young Community's affiliation to the Carmelite Order.

Present at the altar were: Most Rev. Peter Byrne, D.D (Principal Celebrant), Br. Daniel Shuller, O.Carm. (Master of Ceremonies), Main Concelebrants Very Rev. Mario Esposito, O.Car. (Prior Provincial), Very Rev. Michael Kissane, O.Carm. (Pastor), Rev. Paul Richmond, O.Carm. (Parochial Vicar), Rev. Roberto Perez, O.Carm. (Prior) and Rev. Nelson Belizario (Former Pastor).  The relic of Saint Simon Stock was also presented.


EWTN Presents: Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa

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R.I.P Sr. M. Clare of the Holy Angels, O.Carm.

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Sister M. Clare of the Holy Angels O.Carm. went to her eternal reward on the evening of February 15, 2021 in the 58 th year of her religious life.

Kathryn (Kay) Ellen Jagenow entered the world in Detroit, Michigan on December 19, 1942, one of eight children born to William and Clare (nee Kachnowski) Jagenow.  Sr. Clare entered Carmel on September 8, 1963, professed first vows on April 13, 1966, and professed perpetual vows on December 8, 1972.  In addition to Carmel Manor, she was missioned at Carmel Hall, Detroit, MI (1966-1967 and 1972-1973); St. Margaret Hall, Cincinnati, OH (1967-1968 and1998-2018); Josephine Baird Home, NYC (1968); Mary Manning Walsh Home, NYC (1968-1972); Mt. Carmel Nursing Home, Manchester, NH (1972); Villa Teresa, Harrisburg, PA (1973-1982); and St. Teresa’s Motherhouse, Germantown, NY (1982-1998).

Sr. Clare received special training in Food Supervision and Management and was assigned as a cook at Avila for many years, providing countless meals to our Sisters and guests.  She was generous with her time and was always willing to take the Sisters out for a drive or to go shopping. While missioned at St. Margaret Hall, Sr. Clare served in the Medical Records Department, as the Assistant to the Prioress, and as the Bursar, and was well known for the numerous home-made cookies she baked for the Home’s Annual Fair. A member of the Community Choir, Sr. Clare freely shared her beautiful singing voice and was a very good organist.

May the Choirs of Angels come to greet our Sister M. Clare of the Holy Angels and speed her to paradise. May the Lord enfold her in His mercy and grant her eternal life.



Friday, February 19, 202 at 110:00 a.m.

Mother of God Chapel

Carmel Manor

100 Carmel Manor Road

Fort Thomas, KY 41075


R.I.P Sister Edwin Thomas, O.Carm.

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Sister M. Edwin Thomas O.Carm. passed away peacefully at Ozanam Hall on the morning of Monday, February 1, 2021 at the age of 101, and in the 82 nd year of her religious life. Although her health had slowly declined over the past few years, Sr. Edwin remained in the enhanced living convent where she was lovingly cared for by the Sisters and staff. On Sunday, the day before her death, Sr. Edwin’s much loved nephew, Rev. Edgar Debany S.J., anointed her.  Sr. Edwin was alert, responded to the prayers, and spoke with Father Edgar during their visit together.

Gladys Virginia Debany was born on November 4, 1919 in Aleppo, Syria, to Constantin and Bridgitte (nee Hindíe) Debany, and at some point after arriving in the United States resided in the Prospect Park section of Brooklyn, NY. Sr. Edwin entered the Congregation on March 16, 1939 less than 10 years after its founding. She received the habit on September 8, 1939, professed first vows on December 9, 1940 and professed perpetual vows on May 30, 1946. During her many years as a Carmelite, Sr. Edwin ministered to the elderly in homes in New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and also served at Cathedral Faculty House. She served in various capacities including administration, bookkeeping, bursar, and resident coordinator. In many of her missions, she was appointed either the Superior or the First Assistant. Sr. Edwin had been missioned at Ozanam Hall since June 1, 1995.

Sr. Edwin loved sweets, candies, cookies, bananas, pasta, and warm ginger ale. She had a great devotion to Our Blessed Mother, and loved the Memorare. A gentle, quiet soul, Sr. Edwin had great faith in the power of prayer and was faithful to prayer even when she could no longer go to the chapel. Sr. Edwin was also faithful to the residents and up until the latter part of 2017 reported to the 10 th floor of Ozanam Hall (her floor) to visit her residents daily. She was loved by all – and the aides on the 10 th floor especially loved her!

A model of fidelity to the Charism of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, Sr. Edwin’s long journey in Carmel has reached fulfillment and she now stands in perfect health, happiness and peace before the Lord who called her so many years ago. Mother Angeline surely rejoiced to welcome her faithful daughter to the company of all the saints. Sr. M. Edwin Thomas, intercede for your Sisters who are still on the journey!


Saturday, February 6, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

St. Kevin’s Church 

45-21 194th  

Flushing, NY 11358  

 Viewing prior to Mass from 9:45 a.m to 10:15 a.m  


Saturday, February 6, 2021 at 2:30 p.m.

Queen of Carmel Cemetery

St. Teresa’s Motherhouse

Germantown, NY 12526


Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa: Anniversary of Death and Birth 2021

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The Carmelite Sisters celebrated Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory's 37th anniversary of death and 128th anniversary of her birth on January 21, 2021. The Eucharistic liturgy was offered by Very Rev. Mario Esposito, O.Carm. Vice-Postulator of her Cause for Beatification and Canonization.  The event was held at St. Teresa's Motherhouse in Germantown, New York.  It was attended by the Avila Sisters and was streamed LIVE to the public. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and public safety guidelines, the McCrory family was not able to attend the celebration. It was with great anticipation and joy that the story of our Venerable Foundress was shown by EWTN on the same day in a program called "They Might Be Saints."  It is our hope and prayer that God will grant our great desire to have this woman, courageous in adversity, be numbered among the Saints of the Catholic Church and give glory to Carmel and the Universal Church! Father Mario's homily can be read below.

Father Mario Homily 2021 Father Mario Homily 2021 (304 KB)

Prayer for Advancement of Ven. Mary Angeline Teresa's Cause for Beatification and Canonization:

“Almighty and eternal Father, we thank you for the inspiration You gave to your daughter, Mother M. Angeline Teresa, to establish the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, and to provide loving care for countless elderly men and women with compassion and a respect for their dignity and a regard for life in all its stages. If it be Your gracious will, grant that the virtues of Mother M. Angeline Teresa may be recognized and provide a lasting example for your people. We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen."

Photo Courtesy: Sr. Christopher Jude, O.Carm.


Celebration of the Birth and Death of Mother Angeline | January 21, 2021 from Avila Institute of Gerontology on Vimeo.

R.I.P Sister M. Joseph Catherine De Lourdes, O.Carm.

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Sister M. Joseph Catherine De Lourdes O.Carm. passed away unexpectedly at Ozanam Hall on the morning of January 5, 2021 in the 64 th year of her religious life. At the time of her death, Sr. Joseph was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Ozanam Hall in Bayside, NY.

Catherine Cecilia Raymond was born on December 6, 1939 in New York City to Joseph and Catherine (nee Coughlin) Raymond. Having entered the Congregation on September 7, 1957 at the age of 17, Sr. Joseph received the habit on March 2, 1958, professed first vows on April 20, 1960, and made perpetual profession on March 28, 1965. She generously served the elderly in the Homes she was assigned to in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan and New York.

In addition to graduating from nursing school, Sr. Joseph earned a B.A. Degree in Psychology and Social Services and a Masters in Gerontological Counseling. She was also a licensed nursing home administrator. In 1986 she was appointed the administrator of Ozanam Hall, and later served as CEO. Sr. Joseph was elected to the General Council at the Congregation’s 9 th General Chapter (1990) and elected Vicar General at the 10 th General Chapter (1996). In 1999, she undertook the challenge of starting the Carmelite System for the Aged and Infirm, and laid a strong foundation for the Carmelite System’s later growth.

Sr. Joseph had a beautiful singing voice, loved camping and fishing, and also had a fondness for hats and pockets! Although she would never have sought recognition for herself, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of the Diocese of Brooklyn submitted Sr. Joseph’s name to receive the Benemerenti Medal, and Pope Francis selected her to receive these Papal Honors which were awarded on September 19, 2020 for her “long time service to the People of God of the Diocese of Brooklyn.”

The Lord called Sr. Joseph from her youth to follow Him and blessed her with a strong faith, a brilliant mind, strong determination, a quick wit, and a loving heart. We owe her a debt of gratitude for all she has been to our Congregation, and above all we give thanks and praise to God for the life of our beloved Sister in Carmel, Sr. M. Joseph Catherine De Lourdes.


FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

Saint Kevin's Church, 45-21 194th St.

Flushing, NY 11358

Viewing prior to Mass from 9:45 am to 10:15 a.m


FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2021 AT 2:30 p.m.

Queen of Carmel Cemetery

St. Teresa'[s Motherhouse

Germantown, NY 12526

Homegrown: Story from Home: Teresian House

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Story and Photo Contribution: Sr. Sean Damien, O,Carm.

Since we aren’t able to have our Annual Memorial Mass for our deceased residents we had a “virtual “ Memorial service. Family members who would ordinarily be with us in our Chapel were invited to a live stream of the event which remains available on line. Those of us able to be there felt joined to the family members in celebrating the lives of their loved ones.


R.I.P Sr. M. Virginia Aloysius, O.Carm.

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Sister M. Virginia Aloysius O.Carm. passed away peacefully during the afternoon of Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at Mary Manning Walsh Home, where she had been receiving excellent skilled nursing care since April of 2017. Sr. Virginia had recently turned 96 years old and was in the 62 nd year of her religious life.

Maria (Mary) Sylvia Russo was born on October 21, 1924 in Jersey City, NJ, although the Russo’s eventually settled in Hoboken. She was one of nine children born to Francesco (Frank) and Philomena (nee Vanore) Russo, immigrants from Italy. Among her siblings who preceded her in death was Sr. M. Xavier Francis of the Holy Family (RIP 11/7/2013). Sr. Virginia is survived by her sisters, Lucy and Phyllis.

Sr. Virginia entered the Congregation on March 16, 1958, professed first vows on December 8, 1960 and made her final profession of vows on March 18, 1965. During the 1960’s she was missioned at Mary Manning Walsh Home, St. Patrick’s Home, and St. Joseph’s Manor. Her other missions were Josephine Baird Home (1970-1983); St. Teresa’s Motherhouse (1983-1984); Carmel Richmond (1984-2016), and Mary Manning Walsh Home (2016-2020). Sr. Virginia’s ministries included bookkeeping, bursar work, clerical work, and pastoral care. She did much of the typing for Mother Bernadette de Lourdes’ book Woman of Faith: Mother M. Angeline Teresa, O.Carm., and assisted in typing what was needed in preparation for sending documentation to Rome for the promotion of the Cause for the Beatification and Canonization of Mother Angeline Teresa.

Sr. Virginia Aloysius opened her heart to the residents and families that crossed her path, always taking time to talk with them and listen to their stories. May Sr. Virginia’s heart now know the fullness of God’s love for all eternity!




News Article: "Be Kinder Than Kindness Itself"

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It was 1926, and over her years as a Little Sister of the Poor Mother Angeline McCrory had begun to wonder if the French customs that related to how the Little Sisters cared for the elderly were culturally the best fit for serving the aged in America. She loved her community and serving the elderly, so as superior in the Bronx, she implemented changes that she hoped would make the residents there more comfortable. She created a more middle-class home-like environment and celebrated American holidays with the residents. She encouraged their independence and freedom, and permitted married couples to remain living together in the same room if they wished. The international community was still trying to consolidate and focus on unity after the Great War, and was not ready for innovations at that point in time.


 Michael O’Neill: © 2020 EWTN News, Inc. Reprinted with permission from the National Catholic


New Congregational Leadership Team

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The Fourteenth General Chapter of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm was held at Saint Teresa's Motherhouse on September 5-16, 2020. The following Sisters were elected to the new Congregational Leadership Team:

Left to Right:

Sr. Marie Richard Carmel Brusca, O.Carm. - Secretary General

Sr. Maureen Murray, O.Carm. - Third Councillor

Sr. M. Cyril Methodius Kasper, O.Carm. - Second Councillor

Mother Mary Rose Heery, O.Carm. - Prioress General

Sr. M. Jeanne Francis Haley, O.Carm. - First Councillor/ Vicar-General

Sr. M. Peter Lillian Angeline DiMaria, O.Carm. - Fourth Councillor

Sr. M. Veronica Robert Bien, O.Carm. - Treasurer General

Congratulations to our new Congregational Leadership and wishing you God's blessings for the future!